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2005 PDAC-Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
China Mining 2005-Organizers and China Government Officials of the Ministry of Land & Resources, P.R.

Global Mining Equipment Demand to Exceed $60bn by 2013. Global mining equipment demand is expected to surpass $60bn by 2013, representing a 4% hike per annum up to 2013.

Asia Pacific countries including China, Australia and India now dominate in purchases of mining equipment. China's demand for mining equipment has substantially increased due to investment in its domestic mining sector.

Canada, the USA and western European countries are the top global producers of mining equipment.

6th Annual Asia Mining Partnering Forum 2012

The 6th Annual Asia Mining Partnering Forum 2012 which is to be convened on May 24th & 25th, 2012 in Beijing, China. Organized by China Decision Makers Consultancy, (AMPF 2012)is themed on "Connecting Chinese Investors with Global Miners", and committed to sharing with you the latest policies, development and trends of the global and China's mining industry, and providing an effective and profitable platform to grasp the growth opportunities and to explore funding and strategic partnerships.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, PRC, China now ranks as the fifth largest global investor in foreign direct investment (FDI) since 2010 and 90% of the foreign investment focuses on mining, energy, finance and manufacturing industry. Now China has become the primary source of funding for overseas mineral resources to fuel its growth target in the 12th five year plan. Chinese government encourages not only the SOEs(State-Owned Enterprises) but also the private ventures to go out and invest in overseas mineral resources. Therefore, Chinese mining corporations and strategic investors are keeping their eyes open for many more development and profit opportunities in overseas mineral resources.

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Rare earth minerals are critical for producing electric and hybrid cars, wind-power turbines, small tools, most electronics and defense systems. China accounts for 97 per cent of the global production of these minerals. So important are they that China recently & significantly cut its world-wide exports (Dec. 2010).

(June 21, 2011) China plans to create a strategic heavy rare earth reserve in its effort to protect key resources and ensure supplies for the domestic market. The plan, if approved by the government, would reduce export volumes and increase rare earth prices.
Large state-owned Chinese companies would begin stockpiling heavy rare earths to build strategic reserves for light rare earths in the China's Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. Heavy rare earths are found in the Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangsu regions of China, while light rare earths are mostly found in Inner Mongolia. According to the plan, which is expected to be finalized this year, the government will set aside capital to subsidize companies that stockpile heavy rare earths in the country, reports the Wall Street Journal.

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