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Welcome to "Canadian Mining & Energy" magazine. (formerly Mining & Exploration) We’ve not only changed our name but have broadened our focus too. As Mining & Exploration magazine celebrates its 10th Anniversary we are responding to client and reader demand by expanding our content to include more coverage of the dynamic Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry, the oil and gas industry, and alternate energy sector as well as continuing our focus on the mining and mineral exploration markets.

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1/4 page Printer Net Package

  • 1 issue in Mining & Exploration ($1,170 and platinum package $1,709 with 50,000 impressions = $2,879
  • or book 4 issues in Mining & Exploration 1/4 pg ad and platinum package - $1,053 per issue mining and $1,044 for web.
  • Total coverage for the year is $5,256

1/6 page Printer Net Package

  • 1 issue in mining $839 + Platinum package $1,709 = $2,548
  • or book 4 issues in mining with a 1/6 page $755 per issue for the 1/6 page and $1,044 for the web
  • Total coverage for the year is $4,046

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Direct mail (individual) to industry subscribers 8,900
Direct mail (bulk) to industry workplaces 1,000
Delivery and ship direct copies 100
Total 10,000

70% Direct Mail distribution. Survey results from our 2014 readership survey show each copy of "Mining & Exploration" is read by 4 people, for a readership of approximately 40,000!

They are industry professionals with buying power-and they get Mining & Exploration by DIRECT MAIL also. With our exclusive distribution list, your message gets into the hands of the readers who count.

63% are mine operations people who make major buying decisions at work, with average incomes of $ 86,000.

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